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Host The League

We are open to all kinds of new sports!  Are you a coach or do you own a location where you would like the League to play?  Reach out to us and we will add you to our Events!  The League will require you to have up to date waivers and insurance (if applicable).  The League will cover any deposits and paperwork for our entire group, will take payments directly for events through our site, and will pay Hosts on the day of the event.  Hosts will be paid by the number of actual event attendees. 

We love to give great reviews and support our hosts, and we are always looking for new sports and fun adventures! 

Content Creation 

Do you want The League to feature your Brand online or at upcoming League Events?  Reach out to inquire about sponsorship packages and join our growing team!  

We are available to help our Hosts and Sponsors create, shoot, and produce great quality content for TV commercials, print, industrial, and more!  Reach out to inquire about how we can help make your Brand shine.  Check out our work for Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort below!   


Dog Walking Day with our partner, LifeLine Animal Project

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