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We are a Georgia Entertainment Industry Sports Club,

bringing People together through sports, fun and community service.

Founded on May 1st 2018 as a Facebook group, our first sport was tennis.

As the word spread about the League and people started to join, we got more requests to play more sports.  The League quickly grew to include Volleyball, Bowling, SpinQuila, Yoga, River Rafting, Snow Skiing, Golf, Putt Putt Golf, Charity Poker, Run/Walks, Ping Pong, Horseback Riding, Paintball, Dodgeball, High-Intensity-Workouts, Burlesque Dancing, Cricket, and Shelter Dog Walking.  And we are just getting started… 

“League it Forward” and “Stay Dehydrated”

The League loves doing charity work for our industry, community, and the environment.  We are always looking for new causes to support, so reach out to us if you have a charity that could use a bunch of great Leaguers!

Stay Dehydrated is just for fun, but so was this League when it was started, and it always will be about bringing people together and having fun!

  • GESL Founding Member

    Every year
    Yearly Founding Membership - Must be 18 years old and up
    • As a founding member, your membership rate will never go up!
  • GESL Membership

    Every year
    • Yearly GESL League Membership!

GESL Ski Trip Gatlinburg2020

Family Photo in the Beetle!

Brian Beegle dreamed up the GESL while chatting with his fiance, Cari Moskow, about a way to be able to socialize and stay active with people in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry requires long hours and hard work behind the scenes with little time to socialize and stay active. The GESL is a place where actors, crew members, musicians, producers, and directors can take time to connect and play! Both Brian and Cari want to share a club that inspires creativity, friendships, and partnerships while staying active!
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